Riding the Wave: Exploring 70s Surf Fashion

Riding the Wave: Exploring 70s Surf Fashion

Riding the Wave: Exploring 70s Surf Fashion

Step back into the groovy era of the 1970s with a journey through iconic surf fashion. From vibrant patterns to bold graphics, the style of this decade continues to inspire beachgoers and fashionistas alike. Join us as we dive into the world of 70s surf fashion and discover the trends that made waves on the shores of yesteryear.

Retro Revival: Embracing the Iconic Style of 70s Surf Fashion

When it comes to fashion, there’s no denying the influence of the 70s surf culture. The iconic style of that era continues to inspire designers and fashionistas alike, making a comeback in today’s trends.

One of the key elements of 70s surf fashion is the use of bold, vibrant colors. Think bright yellows, oranges, and blues that mimic the hues of a sunny day at the beach. These eye-catching shades evoke a sense of fun and carefree spirit that is synonymous with the surf culture of the time.

Another hallmark of 70s surf fashion is the use of retro prints and patterns. Think floral motifs, psychedelic swirls, and geometric shapes that add a quirky and unique touch to any outfit. These prints bring a sense of nostalgia and whimsy to modern looks, injecting a dose of personality and character.

One of the most iconic pieces of 70s surf fashion is the classic Hawaiian shirt. With its bold floral prints and relaxed fit, this shirt embodies the essence of laid-back beach style. Pair it with some retro shorts and sandals for a effortlessly cool look that screams summer vibes.

Accessories played a key role in 70s surf fashion, with items like oversized sunglasses, floppy hats, and beaded jewelry adding an extra layer of personality to outfits. These accessories are a fun way to experiment with your style and add a playful touch to any look.

When it comes to footwear, 70s surf fashion often featured classic canvas sneakers or simple flip-flops. These easy and versatile shoe options are perfect for completing a retro-inspired outfit while keeping things casual and comfortable.

For those looking to embrace the 70s surf fashion trend, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Mix and match bold colors and prints, experiment with different textures and fabrics, and don’t be afraid to layer on the accessories for a fun and eclectic look.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or just want to add a touch of retro flair to your everyday style, embracing the iconic look of 70s surf fashion is a great way to ride the wave of nostalgia and channel some laid-back, carefree vibes.

So go ahead, embrace the bold colors, funky prints, and effortless attitude of 70s surf fashion, and let your style take you on a trip back in time to the golden era of beach culture.

Remember, fashion is all about self-expression and having fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make the trend your own. Ride the wave of 70s surf fashion and let your inner retro surfer shine bright!

Ride the Fashion Wave: Key Elements and Tips for Nailing the Vintage Look


Get ready to ride the fashion wave with a blast from the past – 70’s surf fashion! Embrace the carefree, laid-back vibes of this iconic era with key elements and tips for nailing the vintage look. From bold patterns and colors to retro accessories, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials to channel your inner beach babe.

Key Elements of 70’s Surf Fashion

  • Striped Bell Bottoms
  • Graphic Tees
  • Crochet Crop Tops
  • Platform Sandals
  • Round Sunglasses
  • Wide Brim Hats

Nailing the Vintage Look

Ready to rock your retro surf style? Follow these tips to nail the 70’s look with ease:

1. Embrace Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match vibrant hues like orange, turquoise, and yellow for that authentic 70’s vibe.

2. Play with Patterns

Stripes, florals, and geometric prints are all fair game when it comes to 70’s surf fashion. Mix it up for a groovy look.

3. Add Retro Accessories

Complete your outfit with chunky jewelry, fringe bags, and headscarves for a true blast from the past.

4. Rock those Bell Bottoms

No 70’s surf look is complete without a pair of striped bell bottoms. Opt for high-waisted styles for a flattering silhouette.

5. Don’t Forget the Platforms

Elevate your look with platform sandals or wooden clogs for an added touch of retro flair.

Get the Look: 70’s Surf Fashion Essentials

Item Price
Stripped Bell Bottoms $49
Round Sunglasses $15
Crochet Crop Top $35
Platform Sandals $59
Wide Brim Hat $25


With these key elements and tips for nailing the 70’s surf fashion look, you’ll be ready to hit the waves in style. Embrace the vintage vibes of this iconic era and make a splash with your retro-inspired outfits. Ride the fashion wave like a true beach babe from the 70’s!


70s Surf Fashion FAQ

Q: What were some popular trends in 70s surf fashion?

A: In the 70s, surf fashion was all about bold prints, bright colors, and relaxed silhouettes. Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, bell-bottom jeans, and tie-dye were all iconic pieces of the era.

Q: Did surf fashion in the 70s have a specific aesthetic?

A: Yes, 70s surf fashion had a laid-back, carefree aesthetic that reflected the surf culture of the time. Natural materials like cotton and linen were popular, and clothing was often loose-fitting and comfortable.

Q: Were there any famous surf brands in the 70s?

A: Yes, brands like Hang Ten, Jams World, and Maui & Sons were popular in the 70s for their surf-inspired clothing and accessories. These brands helped define the iconic surf style of the decade.

Q: How can I incorporate 70s surf fashion into my wardrobe today?

A: You can easily incorporate 70s surf fashion into your wardrobe today by adding key pieces like Hawaiian shirts, wide-leg pants, and retro sneakers. Mix and match these items with modern pieces for a fresh take on the classic surf style.

Q: What accessories were popular in 70s surf fashion?

A: Accessories like woven bracelets, bucket hats, aviator sunglasses, and leather sandals were all popular in 70s surf fashion. These accessories added a laid-back, bohemian flair to any outfit.

As we journeyed through the vibrant world of 70s surf fashion, we were swept away by the colorful patterns, bold designs, and free-spirited energy that defined this iconic era. From retro boardshorts to funky graphic tees, the surf culture of the 70s continues to inspire designers and fashionistas alike today. So whether you’re hitting the waves or simply looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your wardrobe, remember to ride the wave of 70s surf fashion with confidence and style. Embrace the sun-kissed, carefree vibes of this bygone era and let your fashion sense soar to new heights. Catch you on the next wave, fellow fashion enthusiasts!

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